For Authors

Bloomsbury Academic can offer you:

  • An innovative and exciting new publishing model which will bring your work to the widest possible international audience
  • Personal attention and a prompt response from a highly experienced editorial team
  • A commitment to rigorous peer review
  • The quality design and production values you would expect from a leading publishing house
  • Individual marketing plans for each book, incorporating direct mail, electronic and web marketing including extensive use of relevant discussion forums and scholarly e-networks, review copy mailing and conference display
  • Global distribution and marketing though Bloomsbury’s well-established and highly effective infrastructure, with US distribution through Bloomsbury USA in New York
process_map Submitting Your Proposal Writing Your Book Submitting Your Manuscript Producing Your Book Sales & Marketing of Your Book Discuss New Book Ideas
The Publishing Process

Submitting Your Proposal

We would be delighted to hear from authors with ideas for books that might suit our programme.

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Writing Your Book

Once your book has been contracted, we will discuss the best method for keeping in contact with you during the writing process. We aim to support you whilst you are working on your book and will make contact at regular intervals so we can keep up to date with your progress.

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Submitting Your Manuscript

Please check your contract to see how we agreed for your manuscript to be submitted.

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Producing Your Book

Once your manuscript has been handed over to the production department for copy-editing, formatting and proofreading, it will be assessed by the production team and a schedule will be drawn up.

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Sales & Marketing of Your Book

Once you have submitted your manuscript you will need to download and complete an Author Marketing Questionnaire. By filling this out in as much detail as possible, you will maximize the marketing potential of your book.

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Discuss New Book Ideas

We would like to engage in a continual dialogue with you and we are always interested in new proposals for further books, so please come to us with your next idea.

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