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Story of Sociology: a first companion to social theory

Story of Sociology

Gregor McLennan

Publication Date: 2011

What is sociology? How did it develop? What are its key contributions as a discipline? These are the likely questions of any new student of the subject and it is these questions that are at the heart of The Story of Sociology. The book is a unique introduction to sociology. It takes the reader through the 'story' of sociology: looking at how it developed, introducing its key concerns and theories and assessing its relationship with other disciplines. The books both introduces the subject and inspires the reader to continue their study of the discpline. Written in an engaging and lucid style by one of the leading figures in social theory, the book is short and succinct yet detailed enough to challenge the reader. It is the ideal companion to any introductory sociology or social theory course.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Why Sociology?
  • Sociology as Understanding Modernity
  • Legacies of Enlightenment
  • Three Founders
  • Three Classics
  • Three other Classics
  • American Hegemony
  • Conflict, Contention, Synthesis
  • From the Past to the Posts
  • Twenty-first-century Sociology
  • Next steps