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Trouble at Work

Trouble at Work

Ralph Fevre

Duncan Lewis

Amanda Robinson

Trevor Jones

Publication Date: 2012


Trouble in the workplace – whether it is bullying, harassment or stress – is always in the headlines. Yet, in many discussions, the research and statistics that are cited prove unreliable. This book summarises the largest specialist research programme on ill-treatment in the workplace so far undertaken. It provides a powerful antidote to half-truths and misinformation and offers a new way of conceptualizing trouble at work, moving the discussion away from individualized explanations – and talk of ‘bullies’ and ‘victims’ – towards the workplace characteristics that cause trouble at work. The biggest problems arise where organisations fail to create a workplace culture in which individuals really matter. Paradoxically, these are often the organisations which are well-versed in modern management practices.

Ralph Fevre is Professor of Social Research at Cardiff University, UK.

Duncan Lewis is Professor of Management at Plymouth University, UK.

Amanda Robinson is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Cardiff University, UK.

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  • hb 9781408137031
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